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  1. Related to the dark net markets.
  2. All submitted content needs to be original, no copying from elsewhere!
  3. A minimum of 500 words
  4. Any content must be well written and in the English language.
  5. Choose pictures to assist your article, you also need to choose a featured image.
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  1. Just wondering how many aussies use the site & had no hassles. some sites wont send down under

    • You mention not getting through or “sending” Have you tried using TOR? or are you on the “open web”. You should be able to circumvent the censorship there.

  2. sheep market owner loved his cars so much he had to show the world his exotic car journey to the world on youtube https://youtu.be/E-XBkUuA5a4

    he showed the world that he was spending it all on driving exotic cars

  3. As a now veteran of the DNM from down under I know that vendors love making promised to get the Aussie buyers (because they know Aussie will pay double regular prices) but NEVER want to do the follow up work when it goes to shit. Obviously there are Aussie buyer/vendors that regularly receive product from USA and Europe but don’t wish to share secrets of ‘how’ they avoid customs. So unless you find a top notch vendor willing to go above and beyond to ensure the product get to Ozzie land, you’ll be in the same boat as the rest of us aussies, who by the way end up paying approx 5k per ounce of chemicals after you take into account seizes and shipping costs. So all in all you better off paying the 6k per ounce ($200/g) domestically rather than gambling with lots of orders and few getting thru (usually 1 in 4) and the risk of LE personally delivering your purchased and paid for goods at your expense (either being loss of product or 8-10 years for trafficking a marketable amount and importing a marketable amount. The one positive is that AusPost are the one company devoted to ensuring your ‘domestic’ drugs are delivered ASAP with no questions asked (if they lost the drugs transport market or some courier company, AusPost would simply cease to exist) So here’s to AusPost for striving to ensure you get high as a motherfucking kite for the good of Australia. AMEN

  4. Dear dopey,
    you raise some valid points so I will attempt to address them. Firstly you talk like a cop. Ureka stockade. At any rate here we go. Firstly there is the concern of privacy. Why do I as a fifty five year old man do with in reason in my own house as an adult should not be of any concern of the federal government.If you look at the history of prohibition it is a western concept that I will address some other time. Secondly your prices are relevant to the purity of product. So six grand for 10% sugar is your choice. Now I have discussed this with my wife & daughter & my Uni so I intend to write in an academic way & post my research under the collective commons license which states all material of an educational nature is free to access. I dont deal drugs. I hardly use at all & when researching this site for the kids who put me onto it I had to agree that anecdotal evidence suggets that staying away from gangs & the violence is much safer. I am for harm reduction. I believe that people experiment & then move on. So keeping people educated about their choices is the best way to keep them working & paying taxes. Lastly I want to mention Ross Ulbright. He should doing some jail but he should not be doing the same time as people who have committed mass murder or violent crimes. I would like to finish with pointing people to my web site on google( do it from a public server). That little ultralight has been up to 11 000 feet & I have never flown it out of it. You have the wrong perception of me. As you seem to be experienced with mother fuckers can you explain how high they get. Any reasonable question or request posted here will be answered in a non judgmental way. Its time we had a mature discussion about personal use & at the moment we are agitating for reform where I live. Cheers & remember play safe-stay safe M

  5. Hey, why don’t you have the realtime BTC value posted in different currencies somewhere on the frontpage?

    some people use deepdotweb as their .onion.market ‘portal’ so somethin like this could be handy.

  6. How escrow payment works, once you put money in a wallet what proves you that money is held on escrow until your purchase is finalized?help

  7. Do you pay for articles?

  8. escrow is safe if its a verified escrowservice website like btc-asia or ultimate-escrow service.you hold your private key along with the escrow key (the website and you give access to the btc on escrow adress.. works everytime i tried it. good luck. these websites are down as im typing this text.but there are many sites down for the moment ..pigs vs tor ,good luck to u 2 bacon’s

  9. those the CIA know that you have this?

  10. Jessin Domshak Simon

    I want to know how to join the business, am from Nigeria

  11. Hello there

    i just want to warn you for not using Valhalla market , it seems there is a fraud process happening now . i would conceder my self as a victim that i couldn’t release my funds to be transfered nor using it to buy . Please make sure not to sue this market and warn your friends as well

    many thanks

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